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According to a new research video games are killing your love life

Do not choose video games for your lover or partner.

When video games remain in our corner as a hobby, we can disperse our minds through games to escape and hide a little from the troubles of our daily lives. Even earlier studies have shown that video games are good for mental health and that they perform enough therapy. However, when we spend more time in video games than we need, the negative sides brought by the games are getting bigger and bigger. Now, according to a research done in Europe, video games also affect our love life.


Video games, love can harm our lives

Researchers say that people who spend a lot of time, especially in online-focused games, move away from socialism in parallel and thus have no love life. In the study, video game addicts underlined that instead of looking for a partner in real life, they called it in online games. So a League of Legends or World of Warcraft player wants to meet with their partners rather than meet a normal person. Also, thanks to games such as Second Life, developers can fill in the gap they see in this space by exploiting the players’ feelings.

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