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Another great video for Kingdom Hearts III

A new video for the third game of the Kingdom Hearts series, which will also be released for the Xbox platform with the new game in other Japanese games, has been released. With the new game, Toy Story and Monsters Inc. Sora and his team, who entered the universes, will be thrown into a breathtaking adventure this time. The fans of the game, which has been in development for years, are looking forward to it. In the third round, we are able to see the new costumes of Riku and Mikey in the video, which was released for the new game of the series, which further enlarged the universe.

Finally, Tetsuya Nomura, who directed Final Fantasy XV, is one of the most important developers who have developed games for this generation, although they may not be satisfied with the old Final Fantasy fans. In addition to Kingdom Hearts III, the developer has also been working on the remixing project of Final Fantasy VII, which reflects the concept of “video game” in comparison to other developers. Nomura, standing behind story-based, Hollywood-style cinematic narrative and entertaining gameplay dynamics, will be able to please the players after Kingdom Hearts III?

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