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Assassin’s Creed: Origins’s Denuvo and WMProtect protection broke

Denuvo has come to the top of the 4.8 version.

Denuvo technology has made it very difficult for pirate players with the release of Denuvo 4.8 on time. This security wall, which could not be broken for a long time, was forcefully reinstated a few months ago and caused Denuvo to work on a new version. Marvel vs. The cracking of the new version of Denuvo used in the Capcom game will force the pirates again. The new version 5.0 is planned to be used in Far Cry 5 at the same time.


Protected by Denuvo 4.8 AC: Origins, succumbed to hackers

Protected by WMProtect on Denuvo and on AC: Origins spread to the players a few days ago, succumbing to pirates. It’s obviously a bad situation, but Denuvo’s technology could protect AC: Origins for about three months, and producer Ubisoft came back as a profit over what was expected. Ubisoft, who currently has a rumor that they are working on a new Assassin’s Creed, will probably use Denuvo and WMProtect applications again. Of course, as we mentioned, not only Assassin’s Creed, but also famous series like Far Cry are expected to be protected by Denuvo. It is not yet clear whether Ubisoft will remove Denuvo technology from Origins.

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