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Blizzard indicated that Overwatch would come with more pure characters

The developer continues to innovate.

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch continues to protect the popularity among the actors. As the eyes are constantly on the game, the game’s content has become compulsory. As you know, we’ve recently seen a few hybrids in Overwatch. For example, the character Brigitte, who was recently included in the game, can be shown. However, Blizzard stated that we will see more pure characters in the future.


We will see various heroes in the future

In an interview with Geoff Goodman of Overwatch‘s pioneering designers, despite the recent characters, he said the team did not focus solely on hybrid characters. Indicating that they want to have a lot of different characters that players want to play, the designer says that it sometimes means hybrid heroes like Brigitte, Zenyatta and Roadhog, and sometimes pureer heroes like Mercy, Reinhardt or McCree. After that he added that we will see more pure and hybrid characters.


Over the course of time, the Symmetra character came up with information about the renovation work and transformation from a support hero to a defensive hero. Goodman said some of the characters had to be updated in the updated version. Goodman, for example, said the Symmetra character was the only thing that could not heal, adding that it would be a good idea to have a support role or a defense role in order to be able to get a place in the six-man squad.

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