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Diablo’s old witch stepped in to Heroes of the Storm

The strongest of the support characters was added to the game.

Blizzard’s popular production Heroes of the Storm, a new character developed for the MOBA genre, has joined a new character. The Blizzard developers, who expanded the character pool with the characters of popular games, this time brought a highly popular character from the Diablo universe. Diablo‘s curious old witch Deckard Cain stepped into the Nexus territory today. As the theme, the elderly magician, who is very well suited to Diablo, will mainly be in the role of a support character. Especially Diablo-style potions and ulti-ability, Stay awhile and listen.


Decard Cain came to Heroes of the Storm today

Deckard Cain, who has more effective abilities than other support characters, is now a bit expensive in the game, but in the coming weeks this price will be even lower. Blizzard, bringing the character of Fenix ​​from the Starcraft universe over the weeks we left behind, brings another character immediately after a very long time, which affects the balance in the game a bit. But the developers promise that they will maintain the balance between character and character. So you do not have to be afraid of the character coming to the game quickly.

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