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H1Z1 is FREE! It was a critical move from the producers.

H1Z1 is free! The H1Z1 has become very popular in the past, but has not managed to maintain this popularity. The team, which brought a new breath to the survival-based games that began to attract interest with DayZ, eventually lost this trend to PubG. Indeed, as H1Z1 lost blood, we witnessed an unstoppable rise in PubG. This is a very critical move from the producers after all this.


H1Z1 is announced to be free!

It was officially announced that the game will be free along with the announced Auto Royale mode on the days we passed. According to Pacific time, 10: 00 free games will be described, according to this explanation by the time Turkey 22: 00 will be free. “We are excited to announce that the H1Z1 will be free from today, and this decision will ensure that the Battle Royale and Auto Royale modes will reach more players and will lay the groundwork for the H1Z1 to be the most viewed eSpor production.” Anthony Castore, general manager of the game, who also made the statement, also stated that additional players will be given to players who have already taken the game. The contents to be given will be as follows;


Gasrunner Hoodie

Bloom Survivor T-Shirt

Splinter Camo ARV

10 Victory Crates

10,000 Skulls


Another point that is confusing at this point is that there is only Auto Royale mode on the published video about being free. This is just the case where this mode has revealed the rumors that it will be free. But from the producer’s point of view it seems that there is no mode breakdown.

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