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How to build a team in cs:go? Building a team cs:go

CS: GO is a game that you can have a good time with your friends, sometimes cancer, sometimes happy. In this article we will give you some information on getting CSG teammates, team building and the first steps to e-sports.

Teams in Csgo

Firstly, there are professional teams who have written CSG’s teams, such as SK Gaming, G2, North, FaZe, etc. The teams have a very old history. Most older teams started with cs 1.6 and cs source.

If you do not have a history, you can start a good career.

Opinions about the team

First of all, it is important that you talk about your team and the future of the team in CSGO. For example, if you want a team that will take part in a tournament, you should find talented players. It is more logical to set up a team according to your style of play, that is, your rank. When setting up the team you should be careful to choose young players who will respect you.

Team Name and Logo

Now let’s start to find a nice name and picture that is good enough to lay the foundation of the team. If you do not find a team name, click here to find a nice clan name on the “Clan Name Generator” site. If you find the name of the team, you can pass it to the team logos. The team’s logo must contain the name of the team, you can make the team’s picture with the words in the name of the team.

How to choose a player?

Now that we have laid the foundation for the team, we are in the process of finding players. Aim, game time and game intelligence are important when choosing a player. When choosing a player, be sure to select players who are high in ranks, game time, and gaming skills. For example, if you rank higher than Master Guard 2, the game clock has exceeded 1000 hours, and according to the game clock, the game is a good concept, that is, the higher the players in game intelligence.

Roles and Distributions in the Team

There are awper, rifler, entry fragger, IGL and support that need to be found in an average team. After you have selected enough players in your team, you will then have to distribute the order.

The game is a good concept player IGL. The player is a good and sprague-good Entry Fragger. Ak-47, Riffler who is a good player of M4a1-s / M4a4 weapons. After giving the player Supporter who knows the flash, smoke and molotov points on the map well and the player Awper who is good at using Awpsini, the team has begun to sit down slowly.


Now that we have set up the team, we are attending the tournament. There are many Lan or Online Csgo tournaments on the internet, and every time a tournament is over, a new one starts. You can register after you have completed the necessary procedures from your turnstile sites.

Your new team is successful, remember that even a professional has been found in many teams.

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