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Kingdom Come: Deliverance, makes reference to The Witcher and Zelda

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, aroused a great resonance among RYO seven players. In addition to the deep RYO elements, the game, which has an interesting scenario, also has its own different submissions. In a new visual, The Witcher’s famous horse Roach, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Even when you start talking to the horse selling NPC, he says he bought Roach from a Polish guy.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance refers to Witcher and Zelda

Besides The Witcher, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has not forgotten Epona, another famous horse of video game world. Epona, Link’s horses in The Legend of Zelda series, is in the same position as horses for sale. The NPC that sold Epona told us, “Can you play Flute?” he leads the sorusun to the player. As you know, in most Zelda games, we were able to call Epona with similar tools.


On the other hand, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which is struggling with optimization problems, will get its first update after about two weeks. With the new update, most of the errors in the game are expected to be eliminated.

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