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Kingdom Come Deliverance’s 1.3 patch will fix the game

Kingdom Come Deliverance, one of the most anticipated RPG games of 2018, appeared on 13 February. Thanks to a realistic gameplay dynamics and solid storytelling story, the successful making of the actors connecting to the actor was, unfortunately, struggling with some mistakes on the weekly PC platform. However, the developers who promise to update and fix the game look like they will be in their words. Because, according to a new release, Kingdom Come Deliverance‘s 1.3 patch will remove most of the errors in the PC version of the game.


Kingdom Come Deliverance’s new patch fixes the mistakes

Even with high-end graphics cards, which leads to FPS falls, the game is said to correct these errors as well as graphic mistakes. Daniel Vavra, the producer of the game, underlined that the 1.3 patch will face players this week or at least next week.


Players who have bought the Kingdom Come Deliverance on their PC can take a breathe with the new patch. Otherwise, the fate of Kingdom Come Deliverance could be like Mass Effect: Andromeda. As you know, EA Games developers still have not corrected some of the game’s main mistakes.

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