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Kingdom Come: Deliverence managed to sell over 1 billion

Kingdom Come: Deliverence‘s sales exceeded 1 million, which was a long development period and was published in the past week. The company, which has achieved great success on all platforms, is naturally happy. Martin Fryvaldsky, CEO of Warhorse Studios, explains: “Our time-to-market sales of all platforms are surpassing a million, which is surprisingly positive, but that’s not what we think we will not succeed.” According to SteamSpy, this is the biggest reason why Kingdom Come: Deliverance has reached these numbers. The company, which makes 45% of its total sales via Steam, is happy with these numbers for now.


Kingdom Come: How much did Deliverance sell?

Also, remember that Warhorse released a hotfix update yesterday for the game. 1.2.5 update, while resolving problems with playing with the controller, correcting the incorrect Hans Capon and Ginger in a Pickle missions. Kingdom Come: Deliverence, which graphically impresses itself, also attracts players with storytelling at the same time. The game, which is suffering due to some faults during the week it is out, becomes even more successful with the real update.

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