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Kingdom Come’s most popular mode of course on nudity

Kingdom Come: Deliverence came out as we know it, and nowadays it has become one of the most talked-about games in the game world. One of the great features of the game that combines the different fighting system with the fluid duty structure is that it brings mod support together. What do you think are the most popular models for the first game?


Kingdom Come ​​ nudity mod

Skyrim players will remember, one of the most popular modes of the game was Naked mode, which means nudity mode. This is the mode Added to the game without passing too far through Kingdom Come: Deliverence‘s exit. Moreover, the game has become one of the most popular modes. This mode is prepared in the same way as Skyrim’de NPC characters in the game makes naked.


Of course, when mod support is given, we predict that different modes will come in the coming days. We can also say that mod producers will use their imagination more if we consider that it is an open world like Skyrim. Aside from all these modes, I also have to say that the game is also getting out of graphics-oriented modes. You can reach the mod page of the game here.

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