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Konami hits MGS 5 leak

Konami, who said goodbye to the cool story part with Metal Gear Solid 5, announced that there was an interesting event in the world of Metal Gear Solid 5 that we left behind. Let’s say that you will encounter details that will surprise you after this. That’s why Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain has not been played yet, so if you want to play, let’s do it from the beginning.


As you know, nuclear bombs are being produced in the game. In fact, when you press the base of another player, you can neutralize the opponent’s nuclear bomb. It was announced that this venue triggered an interim scene sometime during the game. But in order to see this interim cast, you had to neutralize all the nuclear bombs on the platform you were playing. So if you play the game on PlayStation 3 and want to see the scene, all PlayStation 3 users are required to disable the bombs.


Konami developers alarmed when a scene that should not have appeared

As you might have guessed, this situation was extremely impossible to achieve. Likewise, all the players who sold the game had to be organized. In fact, time-lapse players even started several campaigns to see this intermediate stage in the game.

But according to Konami’s explanation, this intermediate stage was triggered in the PC platform for no reason. And without neutralizing nuclear bombs. When the developers apologized to the players in the face of the live technical problem, they chased down how the event happened.

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