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Legend of Bum-bo released a new game trailer

After a long walk, Edmund McMillen’s game went on sale.

Binding of Isaac and Binding of Isaac: Having worked on games such as Rebirth, Edmund McMillen stated that by 2016 he would return to the market with a new type of game. The Binding of Isaac made a new genre “Room Shooter” popular, and the genre added to the player’s experience in a wonderful way. After two successful results, McMillen introduced the film “Legend of Bum-bo” for two years.


It’s a strange combination, but it might draw attention.

I have seen strange Japanese games that previously combined puzzle and RPG elements. But I was even more wary of Edmund McMillen’s attachment to this Binding of Isaac universe. In the tragedy for Legend of Bum-bo, we can see the simple story (someone plays Bum-bo’s money and wants Bum-bo money back) and play.

Do not mislead your eyes on the game we saw on the trailer. The Legend of Bum-bo, which really combines “four-ply” puzzle games and RPG elements, will confuse the heads of Binding of Isaac players. According to the quartet you have joined, special powers, attacks and defenses will help us in our struggle, but it is not clear yet what the accuser has done as it is understood. It is known that he will also have the random rooms in the Legend of Bum-Bo.

Legend of Bum-bo will be available for sale in the coming months. If you want to know about the game, you can follow Edmund McMillen and the game’s Tumblr account.

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