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Maiev Shadowsong, Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard’s popular MOBA Heroes of the Storm‘s new character, Maiev Shadowsong, was released. Maiev Shadowsong, a Warden and the same old Priestess of the Moon, are among the popular characters of the Warcraft series. The character, also known as Illidan Stormrage’s keeper, has been waiting for Illidan for 10,000 years. Assassin type hero Maiev seems to be a very feared character on the Nexus.


Maiev Shadowsong playing video

Maiev Shadowsong’s talents are as follows:


Hero Trait – Vault of the Wardens: Maiev can escape from all attacks for 0.75 seconds. Passively, it gives 15 Armor.


Q – Fan of Knives: Deals 180 damage to the marked area. If you hit two or more characters, the duration is reduced.


W – Unbral Bind: The next attack on Maiev hits the characters in front of him and ties to Maiev. As the escaped characters move out of the field, they are withdrawn.


E – Spirit of Vengeance: Maiev inflicts damage on its front by sending its shadow forward. At the same time, the beam can be teleported where it goes.


R: Containment Disc: Maiev, who assigned Glaive at the selected spot, will imprison the character for 4 seconds.


R: Warden’s Cage: Maiev captures his opponent with his cage around him, and the characters trying to get out bounce to the center with damage.

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