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Netmarble explained about the day

We had a very sad news in the morning, and we were shaken by news that a young player killed another actor. Here interfering name Wolfteam related to this news Netmarble Games came to an explanation from Turkey. The explanation given by the firm is as follows;


Netmarble explained the day’s incident

“We learned from the news that there was a genocide lost after the debate between two friends at the age of 16 on February 3, 2018, that we lost a genocide, and we are deeply saddened by the loss of one’s youth no matter what happens.


Computer games have become a recreational vehicle where players from all over the world have had a good time competing with each other. Wolfteam is an international computer game where millions of people play, there is competition between enthusiasts and players.


The Wolfteam game is in the espor category, where teams from professional players are included in our country, international competition is reflected on computer screens and there are millions of followers.


The consequences of games, sports encounters, or verbal strikes should never be a part of, or a cause of, sadness or violence in real life, which should not be shown as a reason.


The violence that casts shadow on the purpose of the game and the sport is irrevocable from whom and how it comes. This elimination incident on February 03 is an individual event and should not be attributed to a computer game.


In the context of social tolerance, peaceful means of communication, compromising attitudes and behaviors, instead of violence, must be a culture that we all support, and every individual in society has a duty to develop this culture.


As the Netmarble family, we wish mercy on our deceased youth and condolences on the sad family. We also wish all of our relatives to have patience. “

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