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New video shared for Manmade in Istanbul

A new video related to the production process of ManMade, which combines adventure, action and discovery items, was shared. According to Cbilab Studios team, who developed the game in the mysterious streets of Istanbul, we will fight against the danger in the city where the artificial intelligence controls it. Also note that the producer shares a special detail related to the game.


The description of the story by the producer is as follows


“Our main character, Kaan, enters the server room, which we designed to demonstrate his talent, to gain more information about the mysterious manager who recommended himself to be taken to the most prestigious cyber security company in Istanbul, where he obtained the evidence, Kaan’s cold-blooded decision on this room will affect the rest of the game. ”

On the other hand, you can win some presents by recommending your friends to the game that will be on Kickstarter in February. As we mentioned before, the players who invited 5 friends to the e – mail list on ManMade ‘s webpage are told that they will give the first part of the game free of charge and the players who invited 10 friends will give the first part of the game virtual reality version for free. If you invite 20 friends in the same way, they will have access to music album and digital art book as well as the first part of the game. Developers will send out all parts of the game (including the virtual reality version) and the physical prize package as a gift to the players who exaggerate the event and invite 50 friends. Finally, let’s say that the invitees must accept the invitation. You can access the PC section of the game’s advice section from here, and the VR section from here.

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