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Nintendo’s award-winning Play Floor Kids music album is released

Floor Kids‘ break-dance music album for Nintendo Switch platform was released. You can also physically buy Floor Kids‘s music album, which has managed to get the best music award from many competent authorities in its independent category. Or you can listen to the entire album via Spotify or Apple Music.

Floor Kids’s music album released

  1. Greetings Dance Warrior
  2. The Fundamentals
  3. The City
  4. Blue Prints
  5. The Studio
  6. Lab Time
  7. One
  8. Puttin ‘In Work
  9. The Corner
  10. Keys & Cuts
  11. Afternoon In August
  12. Cardboard & Breeze
  13. The New Forum
  14. Five Spot Stomp
  15. The Metro
  16. Big Trouble In Little Battle
  17. Commuters
  18. Turn Style
  19. The Grocery Store
  20. All-Stars
  21. Build Your Crew
  22. Bread & Butter
  23. The Art Space
  24. Laser Tagz
  25. Function And Flyness
  26. Smock Jams
  27. From Spark To Flame
  28. Robo Tronix
  29. The Arcade
  30. Virtual Field
  31. Frame By Frame
  32. Pinballer
  33. The Venue
  34. The Showdown
  35. Bend Your Moves Around The Time
  36. Boogie Down
  37. The Peace Summit
  38. Matter And Motion
  39. Your Crew Your Strength
  40. The Ones
  41. Denouement Bonus Beat
  42. The Rooftop

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