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Past Cure’s developer blocked the bad review editor

On the days we left behind, there was an interesting event in Twitter that again concerned the video game world. Developers of the psychological horror game called Past Cure, developed by a team of 8 people named Phantom 8, asked people on Twitter about what they think is related to the game. The game for PC and PlayStation 4 platform on February 23, unfortunately not much liked. Then the editor of the site named Backlogcritic wrote a special review for the game and sent the developer to the developer with the aim of coming back via Twitter. The editor responded with an unexpected answer from the developer who thought he was in a bad and constructive criticism by giving the game a low score. The developer, who is said to have needs for badly written reviews, said there were several good spots that were not reviewed.

Past Cure’s developer came to the game press hard

It is not a common practice in the global sense to prevent a person who personally comments on the product. So at least until now we have not been blocked by Activision, Ubisoft or EA Games. Developers who compete in an impartial arena will hopefully come to a more mature level and show a softer attitude towards the social media.

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