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PUBG’s new update randomly bans players

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds have been the biggest reason for the coming of the game in recent times, the game has become the top of the game. These tricks, which you may encounter in both games, are often used by players who participate in the game from Asia. The PUBG team can not figure out how much they are working on. The new trick-catching software added to the game in January, has disappeared 1.5 million players, but the tricks do not break.

PUBG’s new update randomly bans players

With today’s update, the PUBG team may have distorted, while trying to develop cheat capture software. Because they say they are banned despite the fact that they do not cheat all over the world. Steam forums are able to see a lot of topics and edgy players on the subject. About the subject, PUBG stated that they are aware of the news and are trying to correct it. The security software, which started to ban the players completely randomly, greatly annoyed the players. Particularly in the past few months, there has been a continuous decrease in the number of players and players. The PUBG, which started to lose against its biggest rival Fortnite, will be able to rise again?

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