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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 returns micropayments

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has been in production for three months, but debate continues to be ongoing. The game, developed by EA DICE, was the subject of debate with Loot Boxes and micropayments, along with taking its place on the shelves. EA, who stepped back after the big press of the players, removed the micropayments from the game. However, the message he posted stated that this was a temporary solution.


Star Wars. Micro Payments come back to Battlefront 2

Now the game’s micropayments are added back. However, this is not because of the regulations made in the game, but because sales of the game do not satisfy EA. In his statement, Andrew Wilson stated that the events that happened were a learning opportunity for themselves. “In the future we will do better things about making money with live services.” Andrew Wilson, who made the statement, has officially underlined that micro-payments will take place in EA’s future games. Star Wars: Battlefront 2‘s card system is already based on micropayment, so the character’s progress is broken. With the return of micropayments, players will be able to access more powerful and rare cards.

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