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Taking Chinese tanks to World of Tanks Blitz

Wargaming has announced that a Chinese tanks series, which is a tactical, especially foreign player, is working on the high demand because of the World of Tanks Blitz. In addition to the 4.6 update, 10 intermediate tanks and one tenth level 121 tank were added to the game.

Taking Chinese tanks to World of Tanks Blitz

The first 4 tanks of the new tank series are 1st level I Renault NC-31, 2nd level Vickers Mk. E Type B, Level 3 Type 2597 Chi-Ha and Level 4 M5A1 Stuart. Why are there 4 light tanks in the middle tank series? Because these tanks are preparing you for the 5th level Type T-34, which is thundered with a 57-mm gun. Type 58, which can be used for multi-purpose in level 6, and T-34-1, which gives 280 points damage to enemies with armor-piercing bullets in 7th level.


With 2 different weapon options, we are reaching level 10 121 after the 9th level WZ-120, which can penetrate the 8th level T-34-2 and 220mm thick armor with bullets. With a thick front collar like Soviet relatives, this car has the highest shot power among other 10th level tanks with a 400-point shot. However, 121 is a really interesting feature, tank destroyer, hybrid structure between medium and heavy tank. So you can use this monster in the squad, but you will get the best and determined tankers.

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