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The fast operators used in Rainbow Six Siege are very powerful

We can see changes in armor and speed in the upcoming new season.

We all know that the popular game Rainbow Six Siege developed by Ubisoft is an important part of the first person shooter genre. Every time we come to the game, we see many new features, such as characters and new maps. Now everyone is wondering what kind of changes will happen in the future. The last day we were in Reddit was about Rainbow Six Siege developers, changes in game armor and speed dynamics.


First of all, there are 36 operators in the current situation of the game, and the speed and endurance of these operators are graded from one to three. In theory, operators like Rook and Doc move slower and have a larger shot area. However, as fast operators like Ash and IQ have less durability, the chances of winning individual conflicts with their fast-paced maneuvers are quite high.


Check out the next test server

The Reddit user PhD_Bagel asked game developers if there was any plan for speed and durability. Normally these kinds of questions are hardly answered, but the game research project manager Julien Huguenin stated that they participated in the idea and that they were working on being less effective than 3 speed 1 speed. While the game designer Jean-Baptiste Hallé supported this interpretation, they wanted the players to look at the next test server. In response to a comment, Ubisoft data expert Geoffroy Mouret implied that there might be changes in secondary weapons and new attachments in the game.


Lastly, the pros talked about the Lion operator, who is widely used in pro league matches, said that they are trying to balance the game with the future nerf for the character, and at the same time, the three less used characters in the game must work in the redesign phase.

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