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The first images of Kraken in the Sea of Thieves were leaked

The first images of Kraken in the Sea of ​​Thieves, a highly anticipated and record-breaking pirate game, introduced Kraken to players with leaky, new visuals. Since the game was first announced, the players were wondering if Kraken would be in the game. The new visuals that have emerged show us Kraken for the first time. The Kraken, which will be a natural disaster rather than a boss, seems to be giving the players a troubled time.


The first images of Kraken in the Sea of ​​Thieves were leaked

The Kraken, which has a huge size, has eight tentacles. Kraken attacking your gates with these huge tentacles attracts your ship to the bottom of the ocean with you. Of course there are great prizes for survivors of Kraken‘s attack. However, this is not so easy. You have to fight with the tentacles that surround the ship, and a completely different tentacles can emerge and attack you. In short, pray that your journey will not come to Kraken. In fact, like Jack Sparrow, carry a jar of soil on your side. From there you can see leaked screenshots of Kraken. Let’s say the Sea of ​​Thieves is closed this weekend and will be released on March 20th.

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