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The list of costumes that will be on Attack on Titan 2 is clear

Attack on Titan, which has a massive fan base thanks to the series of mime and manga, is getting its second game soon. The game, which will be released in March, will be playable on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation Vita platforms. Now the costume list has been released which will have the game. If you want to buy these costumes in bulk, you can purchase the $ 99 Deluxe Edition package, which includes the game. Or if you want to buy the costumes one by one, you have to pay $ 3 each.


The costumes of Attack on Titan 2 have been announced

– Eren costume: Bad Boy Outfit

– Mikasa costume: Chinese Dress Outfit

– Levi costume: Leather Jacket Outfit

– Armin costume: Kiddie Outfit

– Jean costume: Clown Outfit

– Conny costume: Kung Fu Outfit

– Christa costume: Cutesy Goth Outfit

– Sasha costume: Cheerleader outfit

– Reiner costume: American Football outfit

– Bertholdt costume: Pajama Outfit

– Annie costume: Motorcycle Outfit

– Ymir costume: Pirate outfit

– Hange costume: Scientist Outfit

– Erwin costume: Knight Outfit

– Mikasa costume: Ninja Outfit

– Christa costume: Maid Outfit

– Sasha costume: Sports Outfit

– Annie costume: Pop Star Outfit

– Ymir costume: Shrine Maiden Outfit

– Hange costume: Detective Outfit

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