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Video of the game with Absurd character measures Released

In the video game world we sometimes encounter games with interesting items. League of Maidens enters this category and has a whole new world of interesting content. We can not deny that there are sexist content that will sell games in the video game world where male players are more common. In fact, you probably come to the point of finding the visual and headline of the news. Perhaps the process of industrialization, which is based on consumption in general, is a mischief of mankind. Who knows?

League of Maidens character creation videos shared

In the league of Maidens, an arena fighting game that features free, online and competitive mechanics, our abyss that we can not see in real life collide. The character making video of the game was released in the days we left behind. The other is the League of Maidens, Maiden Gaming, which does not have much different character creation videos than free games.


I am curious as to when feminist groups will act for the game, where you can also create sexist versions of famous characters from various series of episodes. As we already remember, overwatch was a Tracer-named character animation that had been removed from the game because of the feminist groups because it contained too many sexist scenes.

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