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Warface starts playing money for playing games

Warface, which carries the Crytek signature, has recently come up with quite different news. In the first period of the year, the Warface Boiler system was announced for the update, which also expanded the gameplay. The details of this system given by the company are as follows;


Warface Boiler system announced

Crytek’s 100% Turkish, free online FPS game Warface; After a quick entry into the year 2018 and updating it, it is getting ready to face the players with a brand new and profitable project.


Warface, which brings together all the players who love FPS and the struggle feeling with the economy structure that gives the right to be a free to play game, so many game modes, no more exciting operations and the best graphics of the class. The players who invited their friends to the game are getting ready to love their fans with the project named Warface Kazan, which is a product of Crytek Istanbul, which will share all the expenses they make.

Whether you are a Warface player or not, register for the game; Warface Boiler is announced as a profit system which is valid for all players. You can start winning immediately with the invitation link you will receive from you can log in with your username. 20% of Turkish spending will be automatically charged to your friends who you bring to Warface via invitation link. In other words, you are making real money every time you play with real money at Warface, the player who has registered with the game with your invitation. The Warface Boiler project is not just for the players, but as a system of lifetime getting ready to make their way across.

Warface Kazan aims to be a friend of the players with its easy-to-use website, which has made it possible for players to get back some of their spending for games for years. The website is supported by SSL and Encryption Technology, where you can instantly create your invitation link and then easily follow up on the invitees and accounts you have invited, and it does not leave any doubts about the trust.

To register at Warface immediately, go to; You can also visit to get information and invitation link about Warface Win.

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