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Warface’s new operation met with Chernobyl actors

Crytek‘s 100% Turkish, free online FPS game Warface; published the expected update Chernobil Operation. All players are invited to experience a brand new gaming experience in venues with exceptional graphics created with the power of Cryengine.


Warface’s new operation met with Chernobyl actors

Warface, which combines all the players who love FPS and struggle feeling, with the economy structure that gives the right to be free to play game, the game modes that are not in any game, the exciting operations of each other and the best graphics of the kind, combat you with Chernobyl, adventure and tension in the middle of an action.


In this new episode where the Warface developer team personally went to the city of Pripyat, made the examinations, designed the parts of the operation to fit the atmosphere of the region, and added the iconic parts of the city such as schools, amusement parks, the players will feel like they are in a film. Secret plans of the Blackwood troops, who have captured the city of Pripyat, which is devastated by nuclear catastrophe; Warface is throwing the foundation of the operation which will force the team to the greatest extent to date. Players must be ready for surprises, unforeseen hazards and compelling enemies!


In addition to the operation with the update; Nuclear Series coatings of many weapons, new achievements and the 89th level named “Knight” are added to the game. By 2018, Warface is getting ready to offer even more for players all year, making a quick introduction with brand new game modes and operations!


To register for Warface immediately, go to; you can visit for full details of the update.

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