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What do cat and dogs think about Monster Hunter?

Capcom, bringing the Monster Hunter series to the next generation consoles under the name Monster Hunter World, is quite pleased with the game’s return. Monster Hunter World excites the players with high scores from the game press, and thanks to the content fan they have, they can pinch players to the screen for hundreds of hours. The actor who plays with our main character in the vote plays an active role by helping us in his duties. However, even though these kennels in the game are players, the real dogs and dogs do not seem to have warmed up much.


Monster Hunter World and your pets are facing!

The videos shared by the players of Monster Hunter World via Twitter are true to this claim. For some of the pets that make the Monster Hunter World puzzled by their cats, we might say that they have not really figured it out. The cat looking at the back of the TV looks pretty cute to confirm the reality of the existence that wants to communicate with the cat in the vote.


For now, Monster Hunter World on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms will come to PC platform in the fall with 60 FPS support. If you do not have a console or want to play the game at 60 FPS, I recommend you wait for the PC version of the game.

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