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When will the album of NieR: Automata Piano Collection be released?

If you want to add the piano version of the award-winning music of Nier: Automata, which first came out on the PlayStation 4, and later on the PC platform, we have a good news for you. Square Enix will now digitally digitize the physical copy of the popular album on the intenet for the actors.


This project, which comes from the hands of Keiichi Okabe, who composes 28 songs, also colors Kazuma Koda with his concept designs. This album, which is expected to be released for Japan on April 25th, will also be available in Western regions later on via major titles such as Amazon. If you like Niater: Automata, we recommend you not to miss this album which lasts 3.5 hours.


NieR: The date on which the Automata Piano Collection album will be released

The song list is as follows:


City Ruins / Shade

Peaceful Sleep

Memories of Dust

Intentions of Living Freely

Amusement Park

A Beautiful Song

Voice of No Return / Guitar

Grandma / Destruction

Emile / Shop

Treasured Times

Vague Hope / Cold Rain

Weight of the World (English Version)

End of the Unknown


Dark Colossus / Kaiju

Copied City

Wretched Weaponry


Dependent Weakling

Rebirth & Hope

War & War

Vague Hope / Spring Rain

Song of the Ancients / Atonement

Emil / Despair

Faltering Prayer / Starry Sky

Alien Manifestation

The Tower

The Sound of the End

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