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A big cosmetic update is coming to Overwatch tomorrow

Overwatch‘s great cosmetic update lasts only one day. A lot of new cosmetics content will be added to the game update is much awaited by the players. Over the years since 2016, cosmetic updates with just events are an appreciable move to make such a move to bring Overwatch‘s game continuation.


A big cosmetic update is coming to Overwatch tomorrow

Overwatch players will also add the Blizzard World map, which has been waiting since Blizzcon 2017, usually in the Legendary costume. What are these costumes? Below you can see the names of the costumes. Besides the costumes, in-game sprays and emotelar are also added to the game.


Overwatch cosmetics update


Epic Skin


– Explosive Junkrat

– Deadeye McRee

– Demonic Reaper

– Symetra

– Dark Zenyatta


Legendary Skin


– Black Cat D.Va

– Kabuki Hanzo

– Capoeira Lucio

– ASP Pharah

– Blackhand Doomfist

– Proton Orisa

– Butcher Roadhog

– Magni Torbjorn

– Nova Widowmaker

– Barbarian Zarya

– Ecopoint Mei

– Crusader Reinhardt


Highlight Intro’s


– Winston

– Soldier 76

– Bastion

– Mother


Spray on


– Mother

– Bastion

– Doomfist

– D.Va

– Genji

– Hanzo

– Junkrat

– Lucio

– Mcree

– Mei

– Mercy

– Moira

– Orisa

– Pharah

– Reaper

– Reinhardt

– Roadhog

– Soldier 76

– Sombra

– Symetra

– Torbjorn

– Tracer

– Widowmaker

– Winston

– Zarya

– Zenyatta

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