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A New Video for Soul Calibur VI Released

Soul Calibur VI continues from where I was on the legendary new generation platforms. The Game Awards 2017 We left behind A new gameplay video was released for the game, which was announced in a surprise event. We have a close look at the talents of the characters Mitsurugi and Sophita who are shown in the 10 minute play video. I can say that the animations of the video on the videotapes of the characters look quite nice, like the colors of the clothes. We can also see the armor-breaking feature added to the game on the video. If you hit your opponent with high damage in his game, a piece of his armor disappears.

The gameplay video for Soul Calibur VI is pretty nice

On the other hand, the character selection screen is also shown on the video. Probably this selected character selection screen will change because the game is not in the final version. It is possible to say that the arena designs are designed to appeal to the audience, with two arenas in the video.

Developed with the Unreal Engine 4 engine, the game will be available for sale via PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platform via Steam in 2018, along with dynamic camera angles. Let’s see if developers can find out what they are looking for for the Soul Calibur VI?

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