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A new video from Fallout 3’s Fallout 4 adaptation

With Bethesda Studios, Fallout 4, which he released a few years ago, he has brought the players to a whole new level. Although it does not look like the old Fallout games and ignores the elements of RPG, Fallout 4 is a production that is still frequently played and has an active community. In addition to being active, the modeling community is constantly on top of new projects and projects. In the past few weeks, Fallout: New Vegas‘s Fallout 4 adaptation was being worked on, and later Fallout 3 was also on the way.


Is it my father or am I looking for my son?

Fallout 3‘s Fallout 4 adaptation, which is still in production, will bring back most of the elements found in Fallout 3. Of these, of course, weapons, atmosphere and Washington map will be. At the same time characters and missions will be the same as Fallout 3‘s. The producer studio, of course, does not forget to keep the heavy green tones found in Fallout 3.


The release date of the cast “Capital Wasteland: A Road to Liberty Project” is not yet known. Nevertheless, producer Wonderside presents to the players how far they have progressed in the project with their 12 minute play video.

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