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A new world has emerged for Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III is exactly the story of a snake. The adventures of Sora and her friends, who started in PS2, later shifted many platforms including mobile phones. Obviously, although I am a big fan of the time of the season, I missed the tip of the rope a long time ago. Despite this complicated progress, there is still some new news from the production we were waiting for the third game.

Monster Inc. world comes to Kingdom Hearts III

If you’ve played Kingdom Hearts games before, you know you’re making Final Fantasy characters and Disney worlds together. A number of new worlds and characters have appeared on the screen for this 3rd game series. Although Square Enix has not officially announced yet, it seems to be added to Monster Inc’s world of Kingdom Hearts III. When we look at the leaked screen shots, we can clearly see that Sullivan and Wazowski join the battlefield with the crew. You can take a look at these new screenshots leaked about the game.

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