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Achievement list of Secret of Mana 3D Remake released

Secret of Mana’s 3D Remake, the most popular game of the series, is being released tomorrow. That’s why the game’s achievement list also appeared. Originally released in 1993, Secret of Mana is the most popular game of the “Mana” series. Secret of Mana Remake, a 3D remake of the old game with a huge fan base, is anticipated by cool fans.


 Achievement list of Secret of Mana 3D Remake

Earn all trophies


Earn all trophies – Platinum


Defeat Mantis Ant


Defeat Mantis Ant- Bronze


Defeat Tropicallo


Defeat Tropicallo – Bronze


Defeat Spikey Tiger


Defeat Spikey Tiger- Bronze


Defeat Biting Lizard


Defeat Biting Lizard – Bronze


Defeat Fire Gigas


Defeat Fire Gigas – Bronze


Defeat Wall Face


Defeat Wall Face – Bronze


Defeat Kilroy


Defeat Kilroy – Bronze


Defeat Jabberwocky


Defeat Jabberwocky – Bronze


Defeat Spring Break


Defeat Spring Break – Bronze


Defeat Great Viper


Defeat Great Viper – Bronze


Defeat Boreal Face


Defeat Boreal Face – Bronze


Defeat Frost Gigas


Defeat Frost Gigas – Bronze


Defeat Mech Rider


Defeat Mech Rider – Bronze


Defeat Minotaur


Defeat Minotaur – Bronze


Defeat Vampire


Defeat Vampire – Bronze


Defeat Mech Rider 2


Defeat Mech Rider 2 – Bronze


Defeat Lime Slime


Defeat Lime Slime – Bronze


Defeat Gorgon Bull


Defeat Gorgon Bull – Bronze


Defeat Dark Stalker


Defeat Dark Stalkee – Bronze


Defeat Shadows # 1, 2, & 3


Defeat Shadows # 1, 2, & 3 – Bronze


Defeat Aegagropilon


Defeat Aegagropilon – Bronze


Defeat Kettle Kin


Defeat Kettle Kin – Bronze


Defeat Mech Rider 3


Defeat Mech Rider 3 – Bronze


Defeat Blue Dragon


Defeat Blue Dragon – Bronze


Defeat King Vampire


Defeat King Vampire – Bronze


Defeat Dread Slime


Defeat Dread Slime – Bronze


Defeat Dark Lich


Defeat Dark Lich – Silver


Defeat Mana Beast


Defeat Mana Beast – Silver


Reach the ending


Reach the ending – Gold


All weapons at level 9


All weapons at level 9 – Gold


All magic at level 8


All magic at level 8 – Gold


Visit all locations on Flammie


Visit all locations on Flammie – Silver


Complete the Guide


Complete the Guide – Gold


Defeat all monsters


Defeat all monsters – Silver


Obtain all torso gear


Obtain all torso gear – Silver


Obtain all head gear


Obtain all head gear – Silver


Obtain all arm gear


Obtain all arm gear – Silver

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