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An almost impossible breaking success came from Angry Birds

The mobile game market, which is booming with Angry Birds, continues to grow day by day. Angry Birds reached 4 billion downloads on all platforms, according to a recent statement on the game, which reached $ 1 billion in brand value. This success of Angry Birds reaching half of the world’s population will probably not be easy for many years. Rovio continues to sell everything that can be sold related to the brand, filled with the animation film that we left behind in the years that we left behind.

Angry Birds downloaded 4 billion times on all platforms

Becoming the biggest mobile game in terms of awareness, this success of Angry Birds is a cinsten that will jeopardize its competitors. Mobile game developers who earn more than the established companies that develop today’s AAA games are hurting their views on AAA games with these aspects, but nothing comes of it. We can normally meet producers shifting to the sectors that will make the most money for game development, which has become the biggest business line of the entertainment industry.

At the end of the day, we are wondering how much more Angry Birds will grow. The biggest rival of Angry Birds, now behind even the biggest productions of the AAA gaming industry, is now listed as Candy Crash and Clash of Clans.

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