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Anno 2070 can not be logged in for two days due to DRM inconvenience

Anno 2070, a strategic city-building and simulation game, is regarded as one of Ubisoft’s most robust productions of simulation type. Although it remains in the shadows of other games, the Anno 2070, which has a certain player size, has become unplayable over the last few days. At first it may be due to a specific update by Ubisoft, but the situation is a little different than you might think.


It is thought that the boredom is caused by DRM

During the past two days, Anno 2070 players encountered a strange problem when they tried to play from uPlay, and the game closed itself. This problem, which lasted for two days, was thrown away at the end of Ubisoft. The solution of the error is being worked on, but access to the game is still not available. Pirate versions work fine because they are not connected to servers or have no DRM issues. The original version from uPlay is the opposite, as can be understood.


Because of the ineffectiveness of the servers and the difficulties experienced by DRM, most games can not be played offline, which can be a huge problem. Owned games should be able to play smoothly when requested. Hopefully Ubisosft can easily come up from this problem.

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