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Another new enemy appeared for PlayStation 4 Spider-Man

We will see one of the enemy characters that spider-man fans love the most.

It is announced that Doctor Octopus, one of the most notable enemies of the Spider – Man universe, will be in the new cast. It was already stated that Sinister Six would be in the race, and it was predicted that Doctor Octopus would be in the line. However, there was no official explanation from the developer team. Relevant information was given by Chris Jai Alex, who made Rhino’s voice in the E3 interview. Talking about the game wars in his interview, Alex noted that Octopus was too long.


Doctor Octopus will be the enemy in the new Spider Man game

Insomniac Games, which draws attention to what enemies you will face in the final E3 trailer, is in the trailer. Negative / Martin Li, Kingpin / Wilson Fisk, Shocker / Herman Schultz, Electro, Rhino, Aleksei Sytsevich, Scorpion, Vulture. It was a matter of curiosity how Doctor Octopus, who has not yet appeared in the fragments, will appear in the vote. On the other hand, fans of the show are expecting a grand battle between Spider Man and Doctor Octopus. What is the purpose of Doctor Octopus, which has reached massive numbers in the second film of the Spider Man movie series?

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