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Ark: Number of Survival Evolved Players Announced

Ark: Survival Evolved brought the players to the era of dinosaurs and came out as a quite different survival game. The game, which has many players in its first term, continues to amaze with its total figures, although it loses its first popularity. Studio Wildcard, the maker of the game, announced the number of players in the Ark: Survival Evolved.

Ark: How many people played Survival Evolved?

According to this statement, Ark: Survival Evolved has 12 million players worldwide. Moreover, along with this announcement, the game PC and Xbox One versions will support crossplay. In other words, gamers who have the game on their PC or Xbox One will be able to play Ark: Survival Evolved together.

Ark: Survival Evolved

In addition to all of these explanations, some of the updates that will be made in the cast are also mentioned. With the upcoming update, some updates and changes will be made to the T-Rex, Monkey and Wolf models in the vote. In addition, new updates that have not been announced yet will be added to the game very soon. Finally, the game Evolution Event has come to life on December 18th.

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