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Attack on Titan 2 can be a Titan in multiplayer mode

Attack on Titan, which has reached a massive fan base thanks to anime and manga, will soon face the players with the second game. Attack on Titan 2 Nintendo Switch will be playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation Vita platforms, which are scheduled to go on the market in March. A new video related to the game, which will also have a taste of online mode, has been shared. Co op You are trying to clean up city enemies with the help of your friends in the game where you can take on the tasks of killing Titans. The game has a very high level of action and supports up to 8 players. Also, as you can see at the end of the video, you can also play as Titan in the online mode of Attack on Titan 2. Personally, we can play Titan as a mod, I think the players will go very well.


A new video for Attack on Titan 2 has been released

We will also have the option of creating our own character within the game. On the character creation screen which is detailed at a sufficient level, you will also have the chance to choose the hair types of the characters that you like to see. In addition to all these, character costumes are sold as downloadable content.

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