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Bardock and Broly will soon be at Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been accepted as a successful production with a high number of players on the day out and a large tournament with immediate acceptance. The first add-on pack of the Dragon Ball FighterZ, which succeeded in attracting attention like other two-dimensional fighting games, was noticed by the producers.


Lead new characters

Producer Arc System Works mentioned the contents of the first add-on package. Bardock and Broly, two of the characters that have become famous for the DragonBall series, will be added to the game in the near future and the gameplay will be a bit further. In addition, according to the instructions given by Arc System Works, some special moves of future characters are explained. The special power of Saiyan, Bardock, will be the powerful movement of Meteor Rain and will cause high damage as the name implies. In order to use this special movement we will have to fill three bars. The other character, Broly, is a character who will take more of himself, and when he uses special powers he will turn himself into Super Saiyan and cause more damage to his enemies.


Arc System Works has stated that the characters are still under construction, so there is no information on when Bardock and Broly will be added to the game or how much will be offered for sale.

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