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Battlefield 1943, eventually playable on PC

The Battlefield series is one of the series offered on almost all platforms. But, among them, a production was only released for consoles. In Battlefield 1943, 2009, the sales for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 came out and it was only in that console. DICE had announced that in 2011 a PC adaptation would come, but this has not happened. As always, the moderation community threw the case and adapted Battlefield 1943 on the PC.

Battlefield 2 requirement for having 1943 experience

The PC version of Battlefield 1943 is not actually a console version. If you play 1943, which is designed as a mode for Battlefield 2, you need to have Battlefield 2, then all you have to do is download the files from the moddb page. The mod maker timotimotimo has adapted the features most closely to those found on the console, ie the tools, classes and maps are exactly the same as those found in Battlefield 1943. The producer also uploaded a game video in the moddb page in honor of the mod release, and you can watch the video from below.

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