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Bioware’s new game Anthem is delayed!

Since Anthem was announced at E3 2017, the players have been very attentive. The game, developed by BioWare, was excited by the video that was actually broadcast. What happened after that? While there is almost no news about the game, it is stated that today’s game is postponed to 2019 instead of 2018.


BioWare’s Anthem game is postponed to 2019

According to information from sources not mentioned by Kotaku, BioWare has a great deal of pressure on Anthem. The developer who breaks the hearts of millions of fans, especially with the Mass Effect Andromeda game, wants to make a quirky game with Anthem this time. That means the game is postponed. The good news is that a small portion of Anthem will be published in EA Access by the end of this year. It is stated that all of the tests to be performed in the game will be executed here, and this will be the test server after the game is released. While almost all of the BioWare team is working on Anthem, a very small portion of MMO works in Star Wars: The Old Republic. We can certainly understand the pressure on BioWare. Let’s see what role Anthem should have in postponing the development of the game.

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