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Blizzard is said to bring Diablo 3 to Nintendo Switch

Blizzard, who emerged last week and was very excited about the Nintendo Switch users, said with a gif on Twitter, “Let’s hear it now and relax”. How wonderful it would be to have Diablo 3 come to the Nintendo Switch, but Blizzard still kept his silence on the subject. In the past days, a Blizzard representative has indicated that there is no such plan yet, but Eurogamer’s credible sources say it will come.


Sources indicated that Blizzard would bring Diablo 3 to Nintendo Switch

Diablo 3 is being worked on and the game port is in the construction phase. Blizzard’s explaining that the reason for the explanations is somewhat calming is that the game will definitely come. Sources have not yet confirmed whether the game will include Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer. We think that the game will likely come with all its contents. With the new console Switch, Nintendo succeeded in achieving a great success by opening third party games. The fact that Blizzard will bring a game to the Nintendo Switch is definitely good news for console fans and fans of Blizzard games. Let’s see when will the company hear the game?

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