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Blizzard’s secret event excited Warcraft fans

We have news that Warcraft fans will be excited. Blizzard recently invited former professional Warcraft 3 players to centers in the US. Blizzard, who gets a US vision for almost all professional players at one time, is organizing a secret event. Wowhead exploring the way, says that this event might be on the way to Warcraft 3 Remastered.


Blizzard is organizing a secret event for Warcraft

Warcraft 3 has also given you the All-Stars mode, the father of MOBA games, as you have become legendary with The Frozen Throne, the most popular game and bundle of Warcraft series. Ukrainian Warcraft 3 player Foggy was seen at the American Consulate in Kiev and gave a little interview to “I told them I could give a small sample of how I could explain the details, and by the end of February a secret event will be organized and this event will be held in the USA, so I’m going to get a visa.


In this interview, our attention was the most noticeable announcement. How will you tell Blizzard about the Warcraft universe?