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Campo Santo is still not exactly connected to Valve

Campo Santo is still on his own productions.

In the past few months, we talked about Firewatch’s producer Campo Santo joining Valve.Valve is working on a new game.” it created an effect. At the same time, it also spread the thought that you would not play a new game from Campo Santo. But according to the information published by Campo Santo, they were informed that they were working on new games.


Continue working on Unity …

Although added to Valve‘s base, Campo Santo will continue to focus on Unity. As expected, new games like The Valley of Gods will also be based on Unity. The interview with Rock, Paper and Shotgun showed that the studio could easily reach Unity and could easily reach the Source Engine as an alternative option. So the studio will be able to use one of the two game engines it wants.


Not only will it be a material and game engine, but they will also get help from Valve employees, the game they will be releasing on this issue, one step higher with those who are knowledgeable about it. and will be presented to the players easily familiar productions. What the producer Campo Santo will help Valve  still keeps his mystery.

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