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Christmas events are starting in World of Warships

In a recent statement with the upcoming new year, Wargaming announced that the popular game World of Tanks organized a series of Christmas-themed in-game events that started on both PC and console and mobile versions. Apparently the new year excitement did not stay with it. Wargaming, in an announcement today, announced that the Christmas-themed events have also sprung to the World of Warships simulation of historic battle ships, at least as popular as the World of Tanks. The event, which was inspired by a historic achievement called the North Cape War, is said to continue in the tough waters of the World of Warships until 17 January. Participants will have the chance to win the Duke of York (Duke of York), one of the most famous battle ships of the British Royal Navy.

Christmas events are starting in World of Warships

To win the seventh-level battle ship Duke of York, players are required to complete a five-stage mission chain. Captains who achieve this will not only be able to obtain the ship, they will also be able to win parts, photographs, emblems, flags and medals of war ships in the context of the special new year collection.

Captains who can add Duke of York to their fleet will face a series of new missions from the first war they’ve played with him. During these missions, players are expected to gain instant access to the 6th level war ships listed below:

Ernst Gaede (German destroyer)

La Galissonnière (French cruiser)

Queen Elizabeth (British war ship)

Fushun (Pan-Asia destroyer)

New Mexico (American war ship).

In addition to the above surprises in the World of Warships, the year we passed is also celebrated as the Secret Santa event. Players who wish to participate in this event can send their in-game New Year’s gift to another teammate who loves it.

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