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Co-operative video for Kirby Star Allies released

Nintendo is one of the producers who have been running their games and the Nintendo Switch console. The Labo project, which was on display several months ago, was enough to confuse everyone. Nevertheless, the updates for the games and the games that are in the construction stages are keeping Nintendo in high ranks. Kirby Star Allies, who will be out this year, has easily attracted the interest of most Kirby lovers.


Friendship and friendship earned during adventure is important

The Kirby Star Allies, which will be out for the Nintendo Switch, are like platforming the first Kirby games. After playing platform games, Kirby‘s team is confident that Star Allies will easily reclaim their old players. Nintendo’s North American community has also released a video for the production to be released. Of course, the most important element of the video is the cooperative game elements.

As you can see on the video, Kirby is able to blend any enemy with the “Friend Heart” feature, in which case the second person controls the transformed enemy, of course. The second player can switch to another enemy at any time and make Kirby‘s friend. Kirby Star Allies will be available for sale on March 16, 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, which will make Kirby Star Allies go to the switch this year and play without adaptation.

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