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Code Vein’s new images were a bit surprised

Code Vein first attracted attention with its similarity to Souls games, but also showed that it was a very different game inspired by the Souls series after the information and videos. We can say that the new screen images published by the game are a little surprising as it clarifies this situation.

New screenshots from Code Vein

When we look at the new screen shots that attract attention with the theme, we see that some familiar tactics are used in the game. and if we consider that such character designs are of interest, we can not blame the producers. Nevertheless, when inspired by the Souls series, we began to think that such character designs were strange and that the theme of the game could not be so serious.

Mia and Yakumo will go to different dungeons with a ruined city theme in Code Vein that will focus on the named characters. The fighting system is a bit like the Hack and Slah style dodge, which means that rolling, avoidance is also very important. Of course, apart from our regular attacks, special attacks, different items and potions that we can use will have an important place in the game. You can take a look at these screenshots that were released for Code Vein, which is not yet finalized yet, but we think it will come out later this year.

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