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Collector edition of PS4 Spider-Man has backpack

However, this collector edition is slightly different than other collector edition.

The new Spider – Man game, which the PlayStation 4 owners are eagerly awaiting, has been able to excite the players after the recently released game footage. An interesting collector version was shared for the new game that was supposed to be the best Spider – Man game ever made. The visual version of the collection shared by Game Stop includes Spider – Man – based cups, bowls, notebooks, brooches and backpacks. He also said that there are two more mysterious products in the package. Game Stop states that it will not put a game in this package.

What’s in the collection version of Spider Man?

So although this package is considered as a collection version, we may only be interested by special Spider – Man fans. If you want to buy this package with a $ 100 price tag, we recommend you to search Amazon. On September 7, the game will only work for the PlayStation 4 at 30 FPS. Peter Parker will also be in the open world when we say he will not have any micro-payments. Will we be pleased with the new game players? We will see each other together.

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