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Counter Strike: Global Offensive “AK 47” Guide

AK-47 The best (automatic) weapon in CS:GO. Even a rival armor kills your opponent in a single head strike. If you just started the CS:GO and you can not decide which weapon you want to use  AK-47 is a great choice for the terrorist. It is very effective  at all distances, especially at medium and long distances.


AK-47 Shooting Techniques


(long distance)

Try aiming at the head and shoot only once. Repeat this process as soon as possible after waiting for your Crosshair to reset. This shot is very useful for players who have difficulty in spraying, and above average also requires a hit ability. You can master this by constantly shooting at a spot you specify on the wall. Some players use this technique only with the AK-47. Because AK-47 is directly killing the head under all conditions.


(medium distance)

In order to apply this technique, we try to aim at the head, throwing 2 to 4 rounds. The first 2 shots you throw at the AK-47 due to its own characteristics will go to the point where you are fully engaged. But then your bullets will start to slip up as a kick effect will come into play. So you should try to shoot the last two bullets in that area by holding your goal towards your opponent’s chest after the first two bullets. You can work by shooting a tactical wall. If you are not using a dynamic crosshair (not very popular anymore), look at your weapon hold position to see if the weapon’s kicking effect is passing. The weapon has also passed the kickback effect when it returns to its default position. This shooting technique is very effective in medium-range conflicts.


 (short distance)

If you have entered short-range conflicts and you have more than one opponent, the spray will be a very good choice. While head-to-head shooting is a bit more difficult when you’re spraying, you’ll kill your opponents very quickly. Since the recoil effects will be activated when spraying, the first few bullets must be squeezed down after the target has been squeezed. This increases the likelihood of bouncing bullets hitting the top of your opponent. When spraying, you can see the path that you will follow with pharyngis.

AK-47 tactics for beginners:


AK-47, the bullet is one of the most bloody guns. Even professional players can avoid control from time to time. Do not shoot by jumping on foot by running excitedly and surely !!!


Avoid constant constant stops and overly slow movements that make you an easy target. (Do not run, do not jump, do not move slowly, what are we going to do?)


Scan and Leave Tactic: you can say to stop the moment by resetting the moment by pressing the key in the opposite direction. If you press an anda button while driving to the right by pressing the D button, your character will stop as soon as possible and your bullets will go where you are just as tight. Yes, it may not be easy, but if you get used to it and do a lot of exercises, you will kill more enemies


If the distance between you and the enemy is not long enough and you have not yet developed your spray control, shoot 2-4 times with your head aimed and move to the right or left and shoot again 2-4 times to aim at the head and shoot better. engagement) and it will be easier to shoot your enemy in your head.


Serious surveillance (Shoulder / Jiggle Peek): This lethal tactic, now a standard player for experienced players, allows you to easily and safely learn the location of the enemy, the weapon you are using and how many of you are going where you want to go. If you can do it successfully, you will always be one step ahead of your enemies. This movement, which is done by looking back and forth from the corners or between the doors in a serial manner, causes the sniper to miss the shot in the enemy, the gun to fire and lose the weapon control (aim) if there is a rifle.



(Spray Pattern & Recoil Control)

Mastering the AK-47 requires a lot of time and training. For this you can adjust the sensitivity and dpi settings of the pharyngeal as best as you can (see Recommendation: 400 dpi, in-game sensitivity 2)


To improve your spray, you can examine the following spray pattern and video. You can also train in the game by subscribing to the map at the steam workshop.


Price                               : $2700

Magazine capacity   : 30/90

Firing mode(s)        : Automatic

Rate of fire               : 600 RPM

Used by                                : Terrorists

Reload time             : 2.5 seconds

Movement speed     : 215

Kill Award                           : $300 (Competitive), $150 (Casual)

Damage                      : 36

Armor Penetration   : 77.5%

Penetration Power   : 200

Hotkey                        : B-4-2

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